Inventure Board Game (Beta edition)


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Inventure is a creative adventure game in which you compete with your friends to make the most creative and outlandish inventions, characters, and places. Buy materials, bring your creativity to life, and convince your friends to choose your creations as their favorites. Every time you play Inventure, you have the chance to recreate the world of Inventure all your own. Who will you be? What inventions will you create? People, animals, and creatures of your imagination all call Inventure home. So come along, meet new friends, create new places, and solve challenges.

This is the beta edition of Inventure. That means we are still collecting feedback and developing the game by improving the artwork, making minor adjustments to the rules, getting our manufacturing in order, and that sort of thing. What that means for you is you are paying the cheapest possible price for this game (we are selling it at-cost), you have exclusive first access (we printed 20 copies and will not be printing more until we go to launch) and by purchasing, you agree to provide us with feedback after 3 months of using the game. We will save your email address and be in contact with you regarding feedback.

Out of stock



Our Beta is permanently out of stock! Check back for updates as we get ready to launch the First Edition!


Ages 8+

90 minute gameplay

3+ players


Five decks of cards (Characters, Places, Preferences, Challenges & Curveballs)

Inventure board

Box of arts and crafts supplies

Drawing supplies

One die

One timer


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Weight 4 lbs


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