The Power of Exploration

Presentation by Alex Vinson summarized by Eliot Kersgaard

As part of our 2017 Summer Internship program, we have asked each of our interns to prepare 15 minute presentations on topics of their choice to present to the team. The purpose of these presentations is to expand the knowledge base of our team, develop our interns rhetorical skills, and give us a chance to know each other better. We will be summarizing their presentations on Myra’s Musings for reference later and to help give an inside look into the operations of Myra Makes.

On June 22nd, our presenter was Alex Vinson, who discussed his life philosophy, and in particular how taking risks, exploring, and confronting the unknown has helped him become a happier and more balanced person. Many of these principles are also core to the operations and philosophy of Myra Makes! Accompanying the presentation were beautiful photos he has taken on various outdoor adventures, which are presented throughout this post.

So what’s this about?

We can grow by pushing ourselves to try new things and put ourselves into uncomfortable situations

This challenging yourself as a human being is a way for us to expand our edges and our understanding, making us more adept. So how do we do it?

First of all, you have to keep an open mind. This helps us:

-Be accepting of others

-Be optimistic

-Be accomodating to changes in our lives

-Reduce stress

-Have better problem solving skills

-Encourage a desire to learn, making you more interesting

-Allow you to be more successful


Remember, its often when we are uncomfortable that we grow. You don’t want to get too comfortable in life and settle into monotonous routines, you might miss opportunities! This mindset can hold you back and make you overly secure with yourself.

Instead, find what drives you and focus on expressing your authentic self. Nothing will give you more confidence than doing something yourself. For Alex, this meant moving out of Ohio, coming to Colorado and embarking on a solo backpacking trip. This allowed him to break out of the old ways of thinking and patterns which inhibited his growth while staying in his hometown.


You can do anything you set your mind to!

Push yourself to be alone, because if you cant face your adventures alone you risk living a life of dependence. Only once you are comfortable in yourself can you truly show up for others.

The difference between cowardice and bravery isn’t that the brave aren’t afraid, it’s that they follow their dreams anyway.

For Alex, he is motivated by the fear of regret. But everyone has to find their own motivation. What is it tht pushes you forward? For the Myra Makes founders, we are motivated by the enjoyment we get from doing the work that we ourselves create, and by the positive impact we can have on the lives of children and future society by doing so.

Of course, it’s important to find balance. You don’t have to follow fear all the time and live a life of total adventure, of course it’s important to take care of yourself also, whatever that means for you!

Lastly, find ways to make the everyday adventurous. You never know what joy can come by infusing the unexpected into your daily life!


About the Author:

Eliot Kersgaard is an artist, educator and entrepreneur working to facilitate a cultural shift emphasizing justice and play. He is the founder and director of Myra Makes.

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