Podcast Episode 2: Top Lessons from Kids and the Myra Makes Vision

By Eliot Kersgaard and Ted Thayer

In Episode 2, Ted and Eliot discuss the biggest lessons we have learned from kids over the last three years, why we are currently suffering from a creativity crisis, and the sweeping vision for Myra Makes.

In this episode, we spend a few minutes discussing this quote from James Baldwin’s 1963 speech, A Talk To Teachers: 

“As adults, we are easily fooled because we are so anxious to be fooled. But children are very different. Children, not yet aware that it is dangerous to look too deeply at anything, look at everything, look at each other, and draw their own conclusions. They don’t have the vocabulary to express what they see, and we, their elders, know how to intimidate them very easily and very soon.”

Full text of this powerful speech can be found here: http://richgibson.com/talktoteachers.htm

We also discussed three types of innovation: incremental, innovative, and re-thinking. Here is a plot that illustrates this concept that we discussed during the episode:

We also mentioned that we are offering a free subscription to our problem-solving content this Fall! We will deliver it to you by email or mail. To join, drop us a line at Contact@MyraMakes.com.


About the Author:

Eliot Kersgaard is an artist, educator and entrepreneur working to facilitate a cultural shift emphasizing justice and play. He is the founder and director of Myra Makes.

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