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Myra Makes Birthday Parties

Custom Crafted for the Creative Kid

Available in Central Florida

Arts and crafts activities

Problem-solving and invention


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Arts & Crafts Package

Choose up to three of the following:
Building the City of Our Dreams
Seed “Bomb” Making
Collaborative Mural
Tie Dye with Natural Dyes
Open Arts and Crafts
Party Hat and Party Favor Making

Game Package

Choose up to two of the following:
Creative Scavenger Hunt
Dress Up
Making Puppets and Puppet Theater
Inventure, a board game of exploration and creation
Who-Done-It Mystery (like murder mystery . . . but without the murder)
The Create-Your-Own-Game Game

STEM Package

Choose up to three of the following:
Making a Color Mixing Volcano
Lemon and Potato Batteries
Hands-on “How do Magnets Work” activity
Engineering Building Challenges
Nature Walk
How do Rainbows Work? Demonstration

Basic Costs

For all parties:

$50/hr + $5/kid


Gift Bags (per each):
Myra Makes Sticker: $1
Myra Makes T Shirt: Basic ($10) or Super ($25)
Myra Makes Book: $10 ($4 off retail!)
Seed Packets: $2
Snacks and Food (all vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, organic as much as possible):
Cookies (Chocolate Chip or Snickerdoodle): $15/doz
Brownies (Plain or Nut): $15 for 9″x13″ pan
Cake (Chocolate or Vanilla): 6″ (serves 8): $45; 8″ (serves 15): $60; 10″ (serves 25): $75; 12″ (serves 35): $90
Energy Bites (Coconut, Chocolate, Chocolate PB, PB&J, Lemon): $15/doz
Assorted healthy snacks (eg fruits, veggies, dips, juices, ants-on-a-log, requests): $8/kid
$20 for design, $1 for each printed

Schedule a Party

By calling Eliot at 303-304-4659 or reaching out to Contact@MyraMakes.com



From the Blog

Making a diorama is a fun and easy way to extend the activities in Journey to Cloud City beyond the pages and into hours of open-ended imaginative play. Even without the book, this activity is a great family crafting opportunity, and you can create your own stories and challenges to accompany the diorama. In this example, we’ll be showing the creation of a forest-swamp diorama, but you can create whatever environment you like!

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