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Presentation by Harvey Kadyanji summarized by Eliot Kersgaard

As part of our 2017 Summer Internship program, we are spending Thursday afternoons participating in all-team workshops and presentations. On June 8th, 2017, Harvey Kadyanji from Project Inspire joined us to discuss ProjeKt Inspire, a STEM bootcamp program in Tanzania. Here is a video summarizing the program:

In Tanzania, education is more rigid than elsewhere in the world, leaving little room for creative thinking or individual expression. This inspired the ProjeKt Inspire team to develop opportunities for kids to apply their knowledge in the real world. They sought to develop something participatory and exciting that exposed kids to different industries and professional opportunities. Now in their third year, they first experimented with a career-shadowing program before landing on the idea for a bootcamp.

During the one week program, which is free for all students that attend, students get an intensive look into different topics, including programming, mathematics, biology, and more. The entire program is themed around an issue with real-world impact. The ProjeKt Aspect team looks to the UN Human Development Index to identify areas in which improvement is most needed in their region, and in 2017, the theme was WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). The focus on WASH yielded several projects which will have a real impact on their communities, including one which mapped sedimentation in wells and therefore can inform whether or not the well is still suitable for drinking.

They’ve had several kids develop marketable business ideas during the program, and next up for ProjeKt Aspect is designing an accelerator program for kids who want to take their ideas to the next level. Another great metric of success is the fact that program participants have started over 20 STEM clubs in their schools upon their return from the one-week program.


One of their key challenges is making the program sustainable. In order to sponsor everyone who participates, they are seeking corporate sponsors to help make the program accessible for all. Check out their website, http://projektinspire.co.tz/, or Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/projektinspire/, for more information about what they do and how to get involved.


About the Author:

Eliot Kersgaard is an artist, educator and entrepreneur working to facilitate a cultural shift emphasizing justice and play. He is the founder and director of Myra Makes.

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