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Myra Makes was founded

by three friends who met while students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Our passion for creating a brighter future by empowering future generations is the driving force of the company. Now led by Eliot Kersgaard, we can be reached at Contact@MyraMakes.com or 303-304-4659.

Special thanks to all the friends, parents, kids, and believers that have helped bring this adventure to life.

In particular, we’d like to thank: Ted Thayer & Braeden Miguel, for their friendship and roles in founding Myra Makes; Elena Hansen, for her continued support and contributions to the design of Myra; Becky Komarek, Tim O’Shea, and Cherish Spengler, for their support during Catalyze CU 2017;, RAFT Colorado, for mentorship, support, and providing an incredible educational resource to the community; the CU ATLAS program, for their support, resources, and insights; our parents, for their printers, basements, and enduring support; Brackitz, for their sponsorship and support; SarahDawn Haynes and the CU Environmental Center, for their everlasting mentorship and support; the CU Museum of Natural History, for their continued support; Rainbow Lightning Youth Village, for their continued support and mentorship; and the CU Science Discovery Center, for their continued support and mentorship.