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Myra Makes was founded

by three friends who met while students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Our passion for creating a brighter future by empowering future generations is the driving force of the company. We can be reached at Contact@MyraMakes.com.

Special thanks to all the friends, parents, kids, and believers that have helped bring this adventure to life.

In particular, we’d like to thank: Elena Hansen (for her continued support and contributions to the design of Myra), Becky Komarek, Tim O’Shea, and Cherish Spengler (for their support during Catalyze CU 2017), RAFT Colorado (for mentorship, support, and providing an incredible educational resource to the community), the CU ATLAS program (for their support, resources, and insights), our parents (for their printers, basements, and enduring support), Brackitz (for their sponsorship and support), SarahDawn Haynes and the CU Environmental Center (for their everlasting mentorship and support), the CU Museum of Natural History (for their continued support), Rainbow Lightning Youth Village (for their continued support and mentorship), the CU Science Discovery Center (for their continued support and mentorship), and our parents (for letting us tinker around in their basements).