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Journey to Cloud City

An interactive adventure book with nature-based activities for problem solving and teamwork!

Designed for the classroom, home, or for on the go!

Pre-orders of the new edition available now.

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What People Are Saying About Us:

“The best book of adventures my son and I have done!!! Super interactive even when there are multiple kiddos/fam members; the activities prompt discussion and creative problem solving. I love the collaborative nature of the whole thing.” 

-Erin, mother of 1

“An activity book filled with adventure. I love it! Animals, nature and healthy foods mixed with science and math, is right up our alley. We are always looking for new craft ideas too and some of the pages helped you develop projects to make outside the book which was super fun.” 

-Courtney, mother of 1

“Myra Makes is INCREDIBLE! It’s rare to have a book that keeps me as entertained as the little ones!”

-Amazon Customer

“The book sparked conversation, teachable moments, and family time; it’s definitely something that I would recommend.  I was excited when my boys came home and asked to work in the book over playing video games and I even went to work telling my coworkers about it.”