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Our Values

Love for humanity and the Earth motivates and inspires us to be helpers.

We believe that every person has unique gifts and perspectives which are their greatest strength.

We believe that trauma and injustice must be acknowledged and we strive to heal these wounds.

We believe that we are stronger when we work together, grounded in a celebration of our unique identities and backgrounds.

We believe that play is a great tool for improving wellbeing and getting the work done.

Journey to Cloud City:

A Create-Your-Own Adventure Book

Super fun for kids and adults alike

Builds 21st century skills

You are the hero!

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What People Are Saying

“The book sparked conversation, teachable moments, and family time; it’s definitely something that I would recommend.  I was excited when my boys came home and asked to work in the book over playing video games and I even went to work telling my coworkers about it.” 

“The best book of adventures my son and I have done!!! Super interactive even when there are multiple kiddos/fam members; the activities prompt discussion and creative problem solving. I love the collaborative nature of the whole thing.” 

-Erin, mother of 1

I Want the Book

From the Blog

Making a diorama is a fun and easy way to extend the activities in Journey to Cloud City beyond the pages and into hours of open-ended imaginative play. Even without the book, this activity is a great family crafting opportunity, and you can create your own stories and challenges to accompany the diorama. In this example, we’ll be showing the creation of a forest-swamp diorama, but you can create whatever environment you like!